Oriano Galloni's "Tracce di Universo (Trace of the Universe)" sculptures

April 30, 2019
"Tracce di Universo 2" white Carrara marble, onyx, steel and aluminum sculpture by artist Oriano Galloni
Detail of "Tracce di Universo 2," white Carrara marble, onyx, steel and aluminum sculpture by Oriano Galloni

Through their three-dimensional language, Oriano Galloni's Tracce di Universo sculptures explore the principles of incorporeal substance (spirit, mind, actions) and their parallel with the laws of nature through the formation of matter.


Detail of hand from Oriano Galloni's

Elements in green onyx remind us of the earth's principle of growth toward light. Green also represents transformation.


Detail of head from Oriano Galloni's

In Tracce di Universo 2, the green onyx head symbolizes a search for—and resulting connection with—an ever-present yet unknowable reality.


Detail of feet from Oriano Galloni's

White Carrara marble represents the purity formed through the pressures of existence. Aluminum and steel fragments allude to strength through transformation, while the shiny bases of the sculptures remind us to reflect on the parallel universe that accompanies us.


Oriano Galloni's

An invisible, perpendicular line runs from the feet to the head of each sculpture—extending upward through the body—honoring and reaching toward a realm higher than mere corporeal existence.