RC2 Gallery

  • Works by Erik Minter installed at the RC2 Gallery

    In discussing Erik Minter’s artwork, we turn to the writing of Clement Greenberg. In Greenberg’s writing, Avant-Garde and Kitsch, he discusses the duality of these two dichotomies (avant-garde and kitsch)—neither of absolutes, but orbiting on separate ellipses in the art world. We are reminded of this essay while we review Minter’s exploratory background: from working on Matthew Barney's final Cremaster 3 film series and his subsequent Guggenheim retrospective to helping design Paula Hayes’ Silicone planters, and unique experiences like assisting Tom Otterness in his studio, and creating 3-D sculptural processes for some of David Zwirner’s gallery artists. All in a day’s work of a top-notch preparator and designer, but where does the artist role begin and the designer dissolve? These two roles are seen as orbiting around the figure Minter, himself. One needs the other to survive, to flourish and to develop…conflicting manifestations dueling for reins on creative expression.