Terry M. Boyd is a multi-platform artist who uses performance, pattern and fiber art to explore the mind. His recent body of work employs both drawing and unconventional sewing techniques to create a visual “white noise” that is meant to connect audiences to lost memories, forgotten dreams and personal histories by allowing an access point to the unconscious. For Boyd, the repetitive nature of the process serves as a visual mantra that triggers a meditative state. Removing the reference to the external world, these sewn abstractions guide the viewer back to the unending and the elegance of the line and invite the viewer to look inward for meaning.


Boyd’s staged performances use a compound bow to shoot a yarn-tethered arrow back and forth through a stretched canvas as if it were a needle and thread, to magnify the process of sewing to a scale at which it becomes dangerous. This method of sewing tears apart gallery walls and disintegrates the fabric, breaking the mending and healing metaphor of sewing, using violence to create an elegant tension between life and death.