Ivan Loboguerrero is a Colombian artist who graduated in 1992 from the Universidad Nacional of Colombia. His work is characterized by managing an abstract environment which slowly transforms before the viewer’s gaze into a figurative work whose intention is to invite an encounter with spirituality.


In the words of the late distinguished poet and art critic Armando Álvarez Bravo:


“Loboguerrero’s paintings consist of two large planes. The first is like an evaporation, a nebula. It is fundamentally the subtle fabric of a foliage curtain behind which someone does something or gives himself to immobility. If that plot is fascinating in its nuances and when seen from a distance the work practically turns into an abstraction, no less fascinating is the protagonist who profiles and blurs his shelter.”


Armando Alvarez Bravo
Art Critic, Gallery Dominical Arts and Letters, El nuevo Herald, Miami, Florida, 2004.