Claudia Limacher

Born and raised in Germany, Claudia Limacher began painting full time within the past few years, after realizing her fervor for practicing art in 2013 when she stepped into a professional artist’s studio and became enamored with pursuing her own creative career. Since then, painting has become Limacher’s meditation and passion.


Limacher is an autodidact artist who explores various mediums, with her current preference being mixed layers of acrylics, oil paint, spray paint, pure pigments and pastels. Her impressionistic and abstract artworks are inspired by organic forms. With a synesthetic perception blurring the defined lines between her senses, the expression of her inner world through painting results in a mostly instinctive symphony of colors. Her use of mixed media enables her to transfer her emotions onto canvas without boundaries.


Limacher rarely has a specific image in mind. She prefers to let her imagination take over, creating spontaneous visuals that are far from direct reproductions of natural scenes. While she finds inspiration in nature, she wants to project a window to the surreal where energy is embodied within layers of abstraction.


Limacher’s paintings possess numerous tactile qualities. The various layers result through the formation of many overlapping structures that may ultimately appear as landscapes, abstract perceptions or subconscious memories of an emotional and surreal space. Each painting is a unique communication and demands its own life, wanting to question our perception, with the many layers acting as an invitation to look beyond.


As Limacher has lived most of her life close to nature and draws inspiration from woods, lakes and mountains as well as music, life experiences and personal reflection, her art shows the realm of life and makes the invisible visible for viewers to get lost in their own perceptions.  Her wish for her works is that they catch and draw the audience's attention into the compositions, bringing viewers to a thoughtful pause as their feelings or dreams find form throughout the colorful depths


Limacher’s works can be found in various private collections in Europe, North America and Asia.