Federica Matta is a Franco-Chilean-American artist who has been actively creating her own worlds for the past four decades. Her work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions, as well as public art installations, in countries around the world including Japan, France, Chile, Portugal, Belgium and the United States, among others.


She began her work as a painter but turned very quickly to sculpture because of its potential as a three-dimensional medium. She is especially fond of public art sculptures, working in monumental scale in Fukuoka, Japan; Lisbon, Portugal; and Saint-Nazaire and Bordeaux, France; as well as sculpture parks such as the Plaza Brazil in Santiago, Chile; and the Place Meunier in Bordeaux, France. To her, they are the most rewarding because of their role as a sort of “poetic acupuncture” in promoting consciousness and harmony in urban environments.


In recent years, she has authored seven books that feature her drawings and her texts, including Journal Through Your Wildest Dreams, published by Prestel in the United States. Federica is also a regular contributor of political images to Le Monde Diplomatique.