Mike Hammer is a contemporary abstract painter interested in color, texture and the possibilities of paint as object. Hammer’s signature “blob” paintings were developed in 2014 through a process of experimentation. While working on a series of wet-in-wet pour paintings, Hammer chose to allow the initial layer to dry fully. The next pour layer produced and maintained a nearly perfect circle. These circles, or “blobs.” now form the basis of his work. Hammer’s paintings celebrate both the vitality and strength of color and aim to push the boundaries of painting.

Hammer’s work can be found in a myriad of private and corporate collections throughout the world.

Artist Statement:


“I am fascinated with paint and color. I pour large quantities of acrylic paint to form circular ‘blobs’ of varying sizes. By allowing each layer to dry prior to successive pours, the painting expands dramatically from the surface. I spontaneously apply various color combinations to each blob, hoping to captivate audiences with their sculpture-like nature and myriad of contrasting colors.”


“Hammer builds layer upon layer, a visual fine art stalactite. This new visual experience is the juddering of circular entities, atoms pulsating together, and generating a kind of molecular vibration – a harmonic motion.”   


Gabriel Delgado, Wall Street International Magazine (March 2020)