Robert Indiana: LOVE & HOPE

January 20 - April 15, 2009 Boca Raton Gallery

Artist Robert Indiana created one of the most recognizable art images of the 20th century and of all time: LOVE, and recently created artworks with HOPE as their theme for the Democratic National Committee. HOPE is the first real icon of the 21st century. A 6'-by-6' stainless steel sculpture titled HOPE, was unveiled August 25 for the Democratic National Convention held in Denver, Colorado. All who encountered this monumental work admired it. The hope is that one of these sculptures will wind up on the White House lawn. In addition to the sculpture, HOPE prints were created for use in a fund-raiser for the campaign.

Robert Indiana's HOPE visually marks an important event in history. Expanding his vision, Indiana now has created two incredible images, LOVE and HOPE, that will be recognized throughout the annals of art history, which places him in a league with very few other artists.