Alejandro Monge

Alejandro Monge was born in Zaragoza, Spain, in 1988. He started his career at the Zaragoza School of Arts as a superior technician in plastic arts and design with a specialty in sculpture and quickly began to excel. He went on to show his work in national museums, foundations and art galleries where he received his first recognitions. He currently exhibits in spaces such as the Camon Aznar Museum in Zaragoza (Goya's official museum) where he won the Delegation’s Government of Spain award and Casa de Vacas del Retiro Madrid where he received an honorable mention in the BMW Awards.


Monge’s work stands out for its technical quality and its conceptual language which deals with universal issues—such as the value of money—from an ironic and critical perspective of the world around him. From paintings and sculptures to installations, Monge is a versatile artist who stands out for his large-scale sculptural and pictorial works that are full of details, with a technical and aesthetic quality that attracts viewers’ attention.