Mira Lehr Arc of Nature

The Complete Monograph
Hardcover 420 pages
Publisher: Skira
ISBN: 885724632
Dimensions: 12 1/4 x 10 inches

Essays by Eleanor Heartney, Irving Sandler, Thom Collins and Joseph Treaster. Exclusive new interviews with Mira Lehr. An extensive monograph on the American multidisciplinary artist Mira Lehr. At the bold age of 87, Mira Lehr is in her studio every day creating new works. Lehr believes in nature. She believes in its beauty, its force, its strength, its vulnerability and its need for ecology. It is said that art is visual philosophy. Lehr understands this and takes us on a beautiful journey through the longevity of her work interspersed with notable essays and interviews. This new second edition of Lehr's first international monograph is divided into two equal sections: one half includes the first book from 2014, and the new half showcases the tremendous surge of new works and exhibitions that Lehr had created from 2015 to 2021. Eleanor Heartney is an art critic and author of numerous books and articles about contemporary art. Irving Sandler is an American art critic and educator. Thom Collins is an educator, curator, art historian, administrator and author. Joseph B. Treaster is a journalist and educator.

Mira Lehr Arc of Nature: The Complete Monograph
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